Operation Overlord: 70 Years Later


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Commander in Chief       $50,000.00

General     $10,000 - $49,999

George McGregor

Colonel    $5,000 - $9,999

Mike Taylor

Honor Flight Myrtle Beach

Angela & Walter Kollet


Major    $3,500 - $4,999

Aurelia Latham

Captain    $2,000 - $3,499

Your name could be here!

First Lieutenant    $1,000 - $1,999

Lexington Medical Center

Quick Candles

Rick Palyok - In memory of Major John Palyok, Jr., Ret., US Army

Sergeant Major $500 - $999

Susan Morey

Marion Roach

Mark Ackerman

Sergeant    $200 - $499

Robin Wright - In honor of John and Ted

Karen Floyd

John Watson

Promotions Made LLC

Elizabeth Thom

Johnny Mims - In memory of WW II Veteran Dewey Walter Mims and in honor of James Brantley King

Corporal    $100 - $199

Kerry Smith        

Chris Wand - In honor of Donald Wand

Thomas O’Brien

Gary Williams    

Eileen Walsh      

David Brett         

Ted Camp           

Erika Simonsen  

Karen K Hall       

Ginger Walter    

Mark Williams - In honor of Vernon Brantley

Art Cavanaugh  

Risa Locklear - In honor of Major Henry Addy and LTC Bobby Locklear

Bobby Weatherford - In honor of Vernan Weatherford

Linda Dickerson - In memory of my father, WW II Veteran, Robert Blair

Gloria Czernecki - In honor of L.H. Rinehart

Dan Fletcher - In honor of Paul Herman Fletcher

Jean Geiger - In honor of Col. Clarence Geiger

Sidney Crawford              

Robert McManus             

Patsy Bower - In honor of Terry Quackenbush

Brandon Madden - In memory of Fr. Jim Vaughan

Rebecca Johnson - In honor of Kenneth Chittick

David Thompson              

Clyde Howle      

Fritz Jolly - In honor of parents.

George Gooch   

Charlyn Staubes - In honor of Ernest Hancock

Jay McAlister     

Elliott Nichols    

Willy Strong       

Anne Miller        

Jason Tiek - In honor of CMSGT Tiek

Peggy Jacobs - In memory of Morris Kline

TE Clyburn - In memory of Stewart Douglas Clyburn

Ted Cates           

Elizabeth Armstrong - In memory of Harvey E. Moore and Stanfield Armstrong

Linda Sighther - In memory of Murray Sighther

Elizabeth Knoth 

Mark Wishart    

Specialists    Less than $100.00

Alma Schultz - In memory of Ralph Reidy

Buford Norman 

Susan Pence       

Deborah Farthing            

Buford Norman 

Peggy P LHoir    

Jeff Day              

Hansi Vradenburg            

Douglas Cook    

Barbara Ridgeway - In honor of C.L. Ridgeway

Linda Bray          

Deloris Hutson  

Jack Boggs         

Kathy Linette - In memory of Arthur Linette, WW II Veteran

Robert Newhart

Emore Rush - In honor of WW II Veteran, Felix Russell Rush

Paula Johnston - In honor of Ray & Paula Johnston's grandchildren

Lamar Brabham - In honor of WW II Veteran Henry M. Berry

Jeff Barham - In memory of WW II Veteran Tommy McLeod

Kerry England - In honor of your father and WW II Veteran, Clark Underwood

Walt Rucker       

Tom Laborde - In honor of Vernan Brantley

David Robbins - In honor of David Robbins, Sr.

Anne McAndrews            

Sue Mcguire       

Lee Elliott           

Elizabeth Burny 

WM Gilkerson - In memory of all WW II Veterans

Robert Zwicker - In hmemory of all WW II Veterans

Vicky Edwards - In memory of all WW II Veterans

Patricia Bell        

Anne Miller        

BH Dykes            

Beth Bickham    

Steve Halverson

Gwen Gruebel - In memory of WW II Veteran, Luis Gruebel

Amanda Hughes

Ellen Weaver     

James Barnard  

CJoseph Tonsing              

Stephen Wargo 

Tom Minor

Palmetto Woodworking and Signs            

Richard Timmons             

Donna McCullough         

Mark Kirlough    

Ruth Pritchard - In honor of Millard J. Wilson

Libby Nicholson - In honor of Vernon Brantley

Terry Hite           

Richard Player - In honor and in memory of all WW II Veterans

James Eldridge - In honor of my father-in-law and WW II Veteran, Robert F. Taylor

Barbara Kirby     

Sidney Crawford              

Richard Greenleaf           

Sheila Thompson             

Pauline Howsare - In honor of George Cook

Tim Risher          

Kathy Hixenbaugh - In memory of WW II Veteran Michael Maloy

Lok King Wong  

Diane Black        

Barbara Hermann            

John Jefferson   

Gelene Ellsworth             

Barbara Puffenbarger     

Janice Foster     

Sheryl West        

Ronald Palyok   

Ron Palyok         

Alicia Jaeckel     

Clay Williams     

Cynthia Anderson -In honor of Victor Hoffman

The Palyok Family, made In Memory Of Major John Palyok, Jr., Ret., US Army.